Decomposition IV

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Composing means to build an instrument (Helmut Lachenmann)

Every single crack in this bulletproof-glass ( 2*3 meters, 400 kg) was documented very carefully in sound and image. Every bullet that hit it, every stone that crashed on it, every punch of the iron crowbars, spades and hammers that were driven into it. What you see here is a sculpture, or a freeze frame of the last image of a story of destruction; it's the glass after being hit several times. As an object it tells it's story in a tonal manner, it has become a transparent object with a clear sonic history.
All sonic / sound was recorded inside a bullet proof glass while being exposed to extreme physical impacts. We were using accelerator microphones used normally as sensors to determine the behavior of certain materials in crash-tests for cars. Superior to the capability of standard microphones, the accelerators perceived a myriad of unique textures within the infrasonic field, sounds which require speeding up in order to be heard. Other recordings taken in very high resolution captured the ultrasonic spectrum, frequencies normally outside the range of human aural perception that need slowing down in order to be audible. Our aim was to conserve each step of the glass' deconstruction and to reconstruct the same process acoustically.

The piece is the fourth part of the DECOMPOSITION-CYCLE

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bullet proof everything

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