vinyl & tape

June 30th 2022



1 Code Fatigue
2 Raveon
3 Blue Line
4 Core feat. Tony Renaissance
5 Talk To Me
6 Screen Island
7 May You
8 Entity

All tracks written and produced by Mo Nahold
Additional production, lyrics and vocals on "Core" by Tony Renaissance
Spoken word on "Core" by Aaron/Nora Scherer
Voice effects on "Blue Line" by Eva Sommer
Mixing and Mastering by Dino Spiluttini
Artwork by Rebecca Merlic
Art direction and design by A Gesture Of...

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How often do we hear a familiar refrain in a completely new song? Do we want to be constantly surprised while longing for the familiar? Part diary, part travelogue, "Not The Whole Truth" explores the themes of memory and emotional affect. Mo Nahold uses his online Subletvis moniker to further thread the line between abstract electronic composition and melodic hooks. Where Tremors, his previous solo effort, had a more conceptual angle channeling a similar approach through a wide range of dynamics and an emphasis on creating an acute sense of space with special mixing and recording techniques, "Not The Whole Truth" focuses on the sentiment. Seductive harmonic lines capture moments and feeling frozen into sonic amber, as Nahold records snapshots from various ideas, live sets and travels. While the core of the album was recorded during a residency at EMS Stockholm, he also draws inspiration from rave and metal, melding the harsher edges of Tremors into powerful ‘80s sci-fi synths, equal parts tribute and pastiche. “Raveon” cleverly uses ‘90s rave elements to create steep, repetitive crescendos that eschew traditional dancefloor patterns, leading to a series of buildups teasing an elusive drop never to materialize, like club flotsam from the future. Tracks like “Screen Island”, leaning on vaporwave sensibilities, or “Entity”, with its distorted harpsichord melody, are the more deliberately nostalgic offerings. Baroque hyperpop hybrid “Core” featuring Vienna based artist Tony Renaissance is where Nahold’s knack for addictive melodies truly shines, with powerful synth chords converging towards an outsized sound. "Not The Whole Truth" has a sweeping sense of drama gradually unfolding over a series of kaleidoscopic tracks that, while feigning recognition, continue to escape categorization.

Text by Andra Nikolayi


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