Mo Nahold is a sound artist and composer based in Vienna, Austria. Sound is the main focus of Nahold’s work, whether as part of audio-visual installations, multi-channel compositions, performances or the standard stereo album format. Digital alienation, nostalgia, sonic hybrids and spatial acoustic environments are recurring themes in his work, exploring constant reconfigurations of existing aesthetics in often oxymoronic couplings. His compositions merge various forms of electro-acoustic elements with repetitive melodies and high-strung dramatic harmonies, bridging the gap between rhythmic exploration, abstract sonic objects and pop sensitivities. In constant flux, Nahold’s work inhabits the margins of various genres and compositional approaches without ever committing to a single one. His music has been released on labels such as Ventil Records, Parken and Denovali. His debut album Tremors was released by Ventil Records in 2019. Forthcoming album Not The Whole Truth, under his Subletvis moniker, takes an emotive approach to his genre-bending compositions, exploring themes such as memory, remembrance and personal history.





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